First Aid Course For EFL Teachers

First aid course is an incredibly important part of beginning your teaching career. While other people might be able to get by taking invasive care in a hospital or clinic, or even at a school for advanced medical students, you and the students you teach need to learn first aid so that you can cope as an EFL teacher.

Why is First Aid Important?

The main way in which people can get injured is by using their bodies in a bad way. While a sore throat or a cut throat may seem like it’s nothing to worry about, to a chronic cough, or a chest infection or lung infection, it can have serious consequences. Therefore, it’s very important for ESL students to learn first aid so they can cope with these medical situations when they occur. Cuts, bruises, and wounds heal very slowly when they aren’t being tended to. By learning first aid and practicing on animals, students can learn how to deal with these situations before they reach where they are going to be for the long-term.

How Difficult is First Aid for ESL Students?

It will be difficult for most ESL students to take a course like this if they are unwilling to start learning English as a Second Language earlier in life. Most children are required to start ESL programs at the age of 14. However, if you’re motivated and you want to teach English to students younger than 14, you can go in as a contact teacher. Many students will find that even though it’s difficult, they will learn to be comfortable with an older ESL teacher. All you have to do is be patient with them and get used to their situation. Basically, as a contact teacher, you would be helping the students who are in classes with disabilities. You might be able to see the students a couple of days a week.

What Are the Requirements for First Aid Courses?

In order for someone to become a certified first aid instructor, you would need to complete a course that has structured instruction. Meaning, you will be taking structured courses that have a certain amount of content. Each person who wishes to take first aid courses must be referred by a CNA. When referring a student, it is recommended that you do some online research about the student’s background. Because some schools require applicants to have references and provide a copy of their immunization records, conduct a background check via the government on the person. Ask the school where you’ll be obtaining your CNA training if you do not want to proceed with an expired license. Let the school know that you expect to work with them for a certain period of time after completing your certification.

How Many Hours Will it Take to Finish First Aid Training?

There are different courses that take different amounts of time to complete. Some people feel that the courses should take far less time than is ordinarily required. Some people have a difficult time with the structure of the courses because of which they are unable to complete the course quickly. If you have a high speed connection from which you can complete your training, you can push yourself to complete the courses more quickly. Other students feel that the courses should take even longer since the lessons have more information and need to be memorized well.

Do You Need to Have First Aid Certification to Become a CNA?

If you do, then you will need to complete first aid certification courses. The reason for the certification is because you will have to obtain it either from a reputable CNA school or from online schools.

First aid certification courses basically include hand washing, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), intubation (both oral and nasal), airway obstructions, and splinting. Although intubation is usually the most emergency procedure performed on patients performing cardiac procedures, hand washing is very important. You have to thoroughly wash your hands to prevent contamination with blood or other harmful agents.

Even if your institution has not implemented first aid courses yet, you can go to community colleges or brick and mortar institutions teaching first aid courses. Individuals who wish to teach other people how to perform first aid procedures can also register themselves as instructors and teach courses. The price of first aid training varies depending on how much time you need to learn. The average price is about $200. However, if you do not intend to teach immediately, you can pay less than $100 for your training.