If you want your girl to integrate every time then you should give her mind-blowing foreplay. Unlike men who are easily aroused by big penis sex, women take longer to get aroused and also appreciate a gradual build-up. Toivoultry foreplay is a combination of several parts to give your girl maximum arousal potential.

To poultry, foreplay starts with the mind. You need to plan and prepare the ground for effective kissing and foreplay. Do not rush through it. Instead, hold her hands, embrace and kiss gently on her cheeks and lips. Kiss her all over her body starting from the hair, neck, and ears. Gentle kisses will also add to the physical tingling in her thighs.

Those are the physical things that a girl likes to be kissed and caressed. Small and discreet kisses will also arouse her further. Use your tongue in moderation and never replace the caresses with kisses.

A girl will give you the most lovely and enthralling moans and movements when you kiss her at the right time and in the right places. However, do not be a hero by immediately popping out your tongue. A girl needs to be primped up gradually and the first prime lick is the most important. It will certainly ignite the raging fire in her.

Before you start lapping away, you should ready her for the first wave of orgasms by caressing and teasing her clitoris and the outer lips of her vagina. Do not instantly insert all your organ into her vagina; instead tease her clitoris with the tip of your tongue, which is shaped like a little bulbar.

Use your tongue and fingers for fingering her g-spot. Make your fingers rub her g-spot and you can also use your tongue for the same purpose. While playing with her clitoris, use your index fingers and gently pull out her clitoris with your index finger. This will make her scream in wild ecstasy.

You can gently pull out her clitoris with your tongue and be a stimulating agent instead of waiting for her to scream. Use your fingers and tongue to lick and suck her clitoris and the vaginal lips. Come to think of it, this whole time you could have been conversing with her orally, now that would be a real treat.

Once you have come up for air, insert all the fingers and tongue into her vagina. Locate the g-spot and start stroking it gently with the tips of your fingers. This will have her writhing and squirming with excitement. You can now head south and lick her out gently, with the knowledge that you have come this far and will be able to make her scream and squirm with delight. Chances are, she will even tell you she has an evil appetite.

There are several sex positions you can try and, of course, this is a maximizing experience in all ways. The important thing about any position is that it can target the g-spot or the clitoris, just as sex positions are. Be adventurous, use your imagination and anything goes, right?