Know More About FOREX

Know More About FOREX : FOREX is a market, a simple one. To be more precise, FOREX is a currency trading market, and it is definitely the largest and the most liquid monetary market in the world. Everyone can be part of it, by gaining access to this network from different locations worldwide. By simply exchanging the currency purchased on one visit to another site, persons are, in fact, trading goods and services with each other.

Exchange rates are determined by the relative value of a particular currency, which is, in actuality, a measure of the purchasing power of a country which varies on many factors, like, for example, the GDP of the country, the state of the economy, and the amount of foreign investment. 해외선물 대여계좌

The terms used to describe one of the main participants in this market are ‘useful’ and ‘Non-residents’.

Candlestick charting consists of a body which is either black or white, with lines coming up from the surface at the upper and bottom parts of the body. In candlestick charting, the lower price line is the base, and the upper line is the exaggeration. Traditionally, the four price lines are used to indicate ‘bull market’, ‘bear market’, ‘ Modest growth’ and ‘stages of inflation’ (ustendoftext).

A bull market exists when the market is resolute in its direction. A black c teeth signifies a strong up-trend. The same happens when the wicks are very high and the body is green. This means that the market is in a weak down-trend. A high wick means that the traders have made a lot of money during the past years. Traditionally, the wick is high enough that the traders are risking a lot of money. In a nutshell, a candle’s wick provides the traders with a general picture of the market trend. Depending on this picture, the traders act accordingly.

For a bear market, the opposite holds true. The highs and the lows are the places where the traders have stores too. Deep down, waiting for a black candle, traders will enter the market again and again. They will accumulate small profits bit by bit. Trading within a range indicates indecision by the bulls (ending of a bear trend). A range is also important because it tells the traders about the general direction of the market. After a long start, the bulls will finish with thousands of traders in complete agreement (if they do not agree with the bulls, then they are probably wrong).

The only time when you do not know where the center of the range is going to be is when the wick is equal to the high of the range, and the bottom of the range is equal to the low of the range.

When the range and the wick are equal, we are in a ranging market, and the wick is going to be higher than the range prices. Meanwhile, if the range is wide, the wick will be lower than the range prices, and we are in what is known as a trendy market. The trending market is identified by the bands. Know More About FOREX